When Motivation is Low

Hey everyone!

We all have those days. The days that are hard to get out of bed. The days we want to procrastinate and deal with life at a later date. I found myself stuck in this cycle recently. I’m constantly writing lyrics and recording vocals on my phone, but when it came time to sit in my studio and get some work done, I didn’t feel motivated. I felt stuck in a bad head space and consumed by my negative thoughts. BUT recently I went to see BANKS when she came to Toronto. Her show moved me to tears and reminded me why I make music. Being so re-inspired by her, I was able to get in the studio and start the process of recording again. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded of why we first fell in love with something. We need to remember how good it makes us feel, and remember that when times are tough and we struggle to want to do anything. Never stop doing the things you love, and have constant reminders for why you do that thing when life tests you and you feel low.