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Who I Am

My name is sam. I’ve had my fair share of hell in order to get where I am today, and I still have my struggles but I have now realized that this helps shape me and mold me into a person who can overcome great struggle in order to gain strength as a human being. I write music to soothe my soul and in the hopes that it will reach the ears of people in need of the same soothing. Essentially, I want to vibe with fans and create music that helps them feel understood. We all go through ups and downs in life, but hearing about those highs and lows through music and lyrics creates a bond between fans and artists. It helps fans feel more understood than many other mediums of trying to be understood could ever do.

Some things about me. I love singing and creating music, I am passionate about performing music, I love helping others, and I am looking for ways everyday to help others. Lately I’ve been thinking about helping animals or putting time into helping mentally ill patients. I come from a world in which I have struggled so much but have realized that in order to make something of life, you have to learn from those struggles and pay it forward.

I believe in being open with the world, because after all, music requires a certain vulnerability and openness that you cannot deny. So I will share here some of the reasons I rely so heavily on writing music to make myself feel better. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and some anxiety disorders several years ago. I was the victim of abuse. I was the victim of a difficult upbringing. I was the victim of pain more often than not. I had no real way of dealing with my problems besides listening to music to find artists that I could relate to. Over the years my mental illness has taken me on roller-coaster rides at theme parks that I never wanted to go to. I’ve had my ins and outs at hospitals for admissions that took up months of my life. I’ve had depression so real and low that I thought it could kill me itself. After all, how much pain can a person endure? I learned that my threshold for pain was high, so this meant life could keep hitting me. I had highs too, but only the ones that left me making wrong decisions and sometimes ending up in the hospital for them too. I’ve had emptiness, thought patterns that always ended in tears, relationship struggles due to my illnesses, and fought demons so big no one should have to deal with them. I am human. This is part of being human. But what is also part of being human is finding ways to overcome the struggles, and this is how music saved me. I’m not out of the woods yet, I still struggle, but creating music calms me, and I have a feeling that sharing this music will lead to connections so real that it will heal me and others that listen to my music. This is why I was born, to give myself to music.

I have an upcoming show with RiseUP that I am very excited about. I plan on giving it my all for that show and hopefully building a lot of connections with fans. In the near future I want to take my music to high places. I want to build a bigger fan base, create more, and share more. The creative process never really ends for me as I catch myself writing lyrics in my phone daily, or creating melodies that make me happy. However, I am determined to find other artists to collaborate with, and write so much that it creates a healthier me and healthier fans. I want to perform on stages and vibe with crowds. These are my hopes and dreams, and I hope you can share in that with me.

xo -sam.

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