You Could Be a Character on The Worldwide RiseUP TV

Here it is!………and we cannot wait to let you know who the characters are for season 3! There are only a few spots left in each tour and this season will be better than ever! No matter your age, genre or experience level, you could be a character on the worldwide RiseUP TV tours and filming!

Get sponsors, Grants, Royalties, press worldwide and the experience of a lifetime! RiseUP TV has grown each year and season 3 will reach Canada, U.S. Brazil, Europe and the Philippines!>

If you are an artist looking to build your brand and achieve out-of-the-box marketing, there is a spot for you in the touring and filming of season 3!

EMAIL YOUR LINKS TO… [email protected]

If you are in media or a potential sponsor that wants to know more, please do not hesitate to email us and we can tell you about the amazing opportunities we have. You may be interested in being on the TV show, supporting it, or being in the actual live shows!

We are also proud to announce our worldwide Autism funding campaign” that has garnered the attention of some A-list Hollywood actors and organisations. Get involved, we are all about forming partnerships with artists, businesses and charities!


Teaser link season 1:


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